Early pre-invitation SM 2021

We are very happy to welcome you to SSÅV and the Swedish International Championships 2021 for the 505 and 606 classes August 13- 15

Early Regatta information

Preliminary time schedule

16.00-21.00 Launching and registration

08.00 – 11.00 Launching and registration
11.00 Skippers briefing
12.25 Time for first warning signal
After sail

09.55 Time for first warning signal
After sail
19.00 Regatta Dinner

09.00 606 B-final, Sprint
Time for first warning signal
11.00 606 A-final, Sprint
Time for first warning signal
14.00 505
Time for first warning signal
17.00 No start after this time

After sail and Prize giving ceremonies as soon as possible after completed races for each class.

Race areas

We use 2 race areas depending on wind conditions and type of races:

  • Area 1 is on the local bay which gives close and tight racing close to shore with great opportunities for spectators.
  • Area 2 is 2-3 nm from the harbor and provides open water conditions

The harbor and club area

The green area surrounding the Club area is available for parking cars, trailers and dinghies.
The docking area for the 606 will be between Y-beams along the shore line and the floating dock in the center of the harbor.


Camping, Camping Lodges and B&B
Örnäs Camping: www.ornascamping.se , +46 532 79 0100
Pernillas Concept: e-mail pernillasconcept@hotmail.com,
phone +46 532 60 8160
Villa Örnäs: www.villaornas.se, phone +46 73 096 1093
Nygårds Herrgård B&B: www.nygards-herrgard.se, phone +46 70 281 1045


Åmåls Stadshotell: www.amalsstadshotell.se, +46 532 616 19

For further info regarding additional accommodation, activities, etc, please refer to the following website: www.amal.se/turism-och-uppleva